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How to do a digital cleanup?





Expo 2020 Dubai

You are invited

The world’s Greatest Show invites visitors to capture all the beauty and splendor by taking loads of photos and videos. Most probably, after your visit to EXPO 2020 in Dubai, you may have gigabytes of photos ad videos on your device. Keep the best, delete the rest!

Simple and impactful project

Deleting the “second-rate” photos and videos of your EXPO experience reduces your carbon footprint and increases the quality of those memories.

Dubai EXPO 2020 Digital Cleanup will culminate on the 20th of March 2022, on the 3rd global Digital Cleanup Day, organized by Let’s Do It World.

What is digital trash?

Unnecessary emails, files, apps, duplicates of photos and videos are all digital waste. They create digital pollution that sits in the backups on servers that provide us with cloud service or on your devices filling the storage space. All storage cloud or physical, consumes energy in its production, upkeep and even when we decide to swap for a newer model. Simply put, these forgotten bytes continue to consume energy simply by existing.

Why should you care?

Climate change is of no news to anyone, and many of us already feel its effects directly. Managing climate change will be the single most crucial issue for this generation. Keeping digital waste under control is one of the simplest things that any individual or organization can do to help reduce energy consumption and creation of unnecessary CO2.